Thursday, 28 September 2017 10:43

A new era of scissors for branches

To improve an already excellent product isn't an easy task. However, we from PROTECH are trying hard to ensure new, improved products for our customers, that will answer to all their requests but also surpass their expectations. Out of that desire to reach perfection in practicality, design, as well as usefulness of the product, new scissors for branches have been developed. With them we are one step closer to our goal.

Scissors for branches

Scissors for branches are a combination of high-quality materials, which enable easier use but also longevity. Solid steel alloy from which blades are made, enables cutting the thick branches, as well as longevity and stability of the blade. Blade mechanism enables cutting the thick branches, and it is designed on such way to prevent shifting from the scissor knife. Telescopic handles are made of aluminum, and offer bigger support and power transfer during the cutting. The length of the telescopic handle is adjustable, which enables the user easeir access to branches. Ergonomically designed handle grips ensure a comfortable use during the work.

All of our products are tested. That is also the case for scissors for branches. Beside their standard usage, we went a step further. Sicssors for branches have surpassed even our high expectations, and what is it about you can see it the test snippets.

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